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Shakuhachi Classic No.5

投稿日:11/18/1987 更新日:

Shakuhachi Classic No.5 KUMO-I
Player: Takashi Tokuyama
Duration: 60 minutes
Recording: 1987/11 / 12,13
Shakuhachi Classic Tokuyama Group
Copyright C 2019 by Takashi Tokuyama

01 Garyoken takeshirabe (5:28)
02 Chikugo sashi (5:14)
03 Neri sashi(3:22)
04 Takahe sashi(5:03)
05 Uta renbo(3:12)
06 Koro suga gaki(6:38)
07 Yamato choshi(3:00)
08 Takane takeshirabe(3:08)
09 Azusa no Kyoku(5:11)
10 Shiomotsuke no kyoku(6:11)
11 Futaiken reibo(12:28)

This recording was recorded at a villa in the suburbs of Atami from midnight on November 12, 1987 to dawn on March 13. While riding in the recording staff's car, breathing in Ehime's 8 inch tunes and terrestrial songs (i.e. Kagetsu 8 inch borrowed from Aichi Inagaki for recording) I went to the mountain villa while putting. Soon after the setting was completed and recording started smoothly, it started to rain and I had to interrupt it. Although it is planned to be next, it will not stand. When I was waiting for a prayer, it soon rained and I was able to play again. I wanted to make two copies if possible in the recording over 5 hours, but I carefully selected them from the time and composition of the songs and put them together in the fifth volume. The rest of the sect of Nishiki-style is also finished, so please look forward to it after the sixth volume. As with the previous volume, this one volume alone was designed so that the entire picture of the shakuhachi classic can be seen. Up to this volume, we have used one shakuhachi 8 inch tuning, but in the future we plan to record even a long wall with no ground.

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