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Shakuhachi Classic No.4

投稿日:12/25/1985 更新日:

Shakuhachi Classic No.4 DOH
Performer: Takashi Tokuyama
Duration: 60 minutes
Recording: 1984/10/12, 10/25
Mixing engineer: Kazuo Matsuzaki
Copyright C 2019 by Takashi Tokuyama

01 hahi gaeshi (3:48)
02 sagari ha (3:38)
03 futaiken san ya(9:57)
04 shin no kyorei(13:29)
05 shinporyu hachi gaeshi(2:52)
06 hokkoku hachigaeshi(3:39)
07 echigo meianji hachigaeshi(4:47)
08 oshu reibo(6:18)
09 tsuruno sugomori(11:11)

Volume 4, which was a difficult birth, was finally completed. Side A from October 12, 1985, Togakushi Village, Togakushi Folk Museum, Togakushi Daiwa Shakuhachi no Eve, and Side B, October 25, Tokyo Ushigome Hoshinji “Fukizen and Zazen Evening” Live recording from. A group called “Bamboo / Sound / Ki” that regularly offers a party to listen to brown rice vegetarian food and Fukuzen shakuhachi from acquaintances at iBD seminars that I have been deeply involved in. I used to play the shakuhachi only once in a place where iBD is a seminar that “knows its own value”. At that time, I listened to it, and later Sayaka Sasaki, who became a member of bamboo, sound, and ki, worked with an acquaintance Ryuhei Satono (runs the lodge "Tanne" at Togakushi),

and the shakuhachi meeting at Togakushi was realized. did. Mr. Satono presided over a concert centering on classical music at his lodge, and also visited the Fuzen-kai at the Hoshinji Temple in Tokyo, where he listened to my classical music. In the Asahi Shimbun the day after the meeting, “Togakushi Cram School” consisting of ten people from Minshuku ’s representatives, including a guest house and a ceramic artist, called on the shakuhachi. It was introduced with photos that the meeting was planned.

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