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3rd Oct. 2009 Travel around Germany


In the last week of June, I took a 9-day tour to see only Germany using my family holiday.
A regular tour of a major travel agency, it was also cheap (like us), there were people who switched from other plans, a total of 39 Nantes.
I went out thinking that it would not be possible to organize or interact with this number of people as a whole, but my expectations were completely lost. Two super-aggressive couples became the catalyst, and the barriers often associated with group trips were removed. I have often said that my husband is a choir. The doll shop in Ryogoku and the retired school principal in Misawa have a wife who is not inferior to her husband's super-extrovert, and the couple actively engaged in diplomacy. It can be said that this has propagated considerably.
There were 86-year-old men traveling alone and two nephews from the Jodo sect, and their existence was conspicuous. Speaking of 86 years old, it is two years higher than my mother-in-law who lives with me. Mother-in-law travels around the world until 75 and 6 years old (and it is still a remote area) and still goes by train to poetry and calligraphy classes. Still, recently, long-time vehicles are difficult, so considering that, traveling alone at the age of 86 is a miracle. However, this man is said to be extremely poor in darkness and sleep in a room with a machine to relieve his apnea symptoms. After I knew my age and asked about this, I was working hard. I heard a variety of stories, such as the wife who was shocked by his hospitalization being beaten first, and since he was alone he has been actively involved in day homes etc. It was. (more…)

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