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Shakuhachi Classic No.2

投稿日:11/16/1984 更新日:

Shakuhachi Classic No.2 KO-REI
Player: Takashi Tokuyama
Duration: 63 minutes
Recording: November 17, 1984
Copyright C 2019 by Takashi Tokuyama

01 kyorei (11:41)
02 takiochi (11:35)
03 murasakino no kyoku(11:35)
04 sankara sugagaki(4:33)
05 hirable sagariha(4:06)
06 tamake(5:42)
07 oshu sashi(8:22)
08 renbo nagashi(10:49)

This recording was played in November 1984 at a mountain villa in the suburbs of Atami for one hour at a time in the middle of the night. About three hours after I started blowing, I felt that I and bamboo were integrated. Compared to the first volume of the studio recording, which was relatively time-stricken, the performer himself was very satisfied with the result of the second volume.
In order to convey the charm of classical music as music, I intend to devise a way to see the whole classic music with any volume. In addition to providing practical skills guidance, the provision of literature and historical materials, etc., I would like to cooperate with you at any time. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to both teachers.

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