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14th Mar. 2016 Vienna performance note


    Arrival in Vienna
In November 2015, I successfully completed three concerts in Vienna that had been planned for two years.
The venue was different from the Embassy of Japan Cultural Center, University of Vienna (sponsored by the Department of Japaneseology), and Buddhist Center (sponsored by the Philosophy Department of the University of Vienna).
”Arrived on the evening of the 2nd, contacted Noriko Brandle, who was indebted to me, and then went to the venue for the next day. However, it is the Japanese embassy that is not enough to walk. Facing the street, the entrance to the Cultural Center. As soon as we arrived, the dinner was a rice ball bought at Narita, a staple of recent overseas trips. Although saltiness is reduced, it is enough for the belly that has been trapped in the plane for a long time and is reversed day and night. German-speaking hotels do not have pots in their rooms, so bring a few tea bottles of tea and buy gas-free water locally. I will stay for a whole week, so I will buy unlimited tickets on the bus, subway and tram. There is no ticket check for a stable society with high mutual trust.

Day 2
The next day, take a tram for 30 minutes and head to Heiligenstadt, famous for Beethoven's writing of his will. (more…)

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