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Shakuhachi Classic No.3

投稿日:08/31/1985 更新日:

Shakuhachi Classic No.3 SUYO
Player: Tokuyama Takashi
Duration: 60 minutes
Recording: 1984/11/17, 1985/8/3
Mixing: Kazuo Matsuzaki
Honkyoku Kenkyu Kai
Copyright C 2019 by Takashi Tokuyama

01 mukaiji (20:49)
02 yoshiya (7:52)
03 o-tai(2:11)
04 san ya(8:56)
05 kumoi jishi(9:07)
06 hokkoku reibo(6:37)
07 aji kan(5:21)

Here is the third volume. Live recording is finally here. In Tokyo Ushigome HOSSHINJI, we open “Fukizen Shakubachi no Eve”, where the student blows through this song, with Daizen Obuchi resident zazen teaching in between. "Mukaji" has been recorded since the 10th of August 3, 1985. Hoshinji is a Rinzai Buddhist temple, and since the Edo period, it has been the main head of the Punka Shakuhachi (classical main song), the Ome Reiho-ji Bodoji Temple. Saving.
At the meeting in August, Mr. Kosuge said, “Shakuhachi as HOUKI values ​​the simplicity and pure tone, and it is better to talk to the self and the listener's Buddhist character—the clean heart that is born”. Then, after the participants took the form of zazen, he went to Fukizen (Kurumi) and led to INKIN (bell). I am enlightened by the story and remember that I was in a stable and deep blown zen. In the middle of the summer, along with the sound of a housewife in the neighborhood watering from the window on the second floor, it is accompanied with fun. The shakuhachi classical music is a valuable cultural heritage in Japan as an independent pure instrumental music that is not an accompaniment of songs or other types of performing arts, or as Buddhist music. Aiming at the preservation of historical materials and the reconstruction of the generalized shakuhachi road, today, the “Non Monk Society” has been established beyond the school. Please gather. Ninja Research Group, 3-82 Haramachi, Shinjuku-ku, 162

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