24th Apr. 2010 About funeral of Takae Takebayashi

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This is Takashi Tokuyama.
Takatomo Takeuchi, Chikurin, who was indebted to us at the seminar and Takeoniki (Brown Rice Vegetarian and Fukizen Shakuhachi Association), passed away on April 15.

The night was held only by relatives and the farewell ceremony was at Atami where my parents were. I remembered my relationship with her, and I contacted her in my heart. I have also heard that there are many other people who have a relationship with Chiclin. If anyone other than the above mentioned contact person knows, I would like to ask you to forward it to memorize the memories of the deceased.

April 20th (Tue) 10:00 am
Atami City Saijo 1802-1 Atami City Atami (8km from JR Kurumiya Station, 10 minutes by car, near Himenosawa Park)

In addition to the above activities, I took on the witness when she was married to the United States (it seems like a matchmaker on a document that guarantees marriage in that area), and in the 1980s, He was the manager of a nationwide performance tour. After that, Chikurin became a Oriental medicine qualification and opened locally. I have heard that my child who had visited there was a good job and wanted to live permanently, but I came home because of my parents who had retired in Atami.


折に触れ、診断してくれていた九鬼さん(銀座内科)のメールには、 「水曜夜にツレアイが見舞ったばかりですので、急変だと思います。間違いなく、ほとんど苦しむ間もなく亡くなった筈です。それを慰めとするしかないか、と思っています。驚きました」。とあります。小生にとっては、昨年末の、武蔵小金井のお兄さんの家でお会いしたのが最後です。その折、いつもは持ってゆかない地なし尺八を持参し、チクリンのためにたった一人のコンサート(吹くほうも聴く方も一人ということで)をしたのが、今生での別れとなりました。


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